The epic ePOS-kiosks. The smartest way to profit from a webshop instore.

Bring a webshop to your shop floor, wholesale or showroom floor with our smart and savvy digital ePOS-kiosks and fuse the physical with the digital!

Its function is self-evident common sense: service is most important to sales! So, whether you use the ePOS instore webshop for faster delivery from the back or stockroom, for easy access to and/or an overview of your full assortment or to find a locally out-of-stock product elsewhere, online your range is always larger Increase your turnover on the spot and improve your total flow.

The ePOS serves as self-service digital kiosk and as shop-in-the-shop. As strategic, advanced posts to serve the most eager prospects on the spot.

these are portable webstores! Take them anywhere your representatives go

pitch your business in pop-up stores or trade fairs!

With a hundred ways to benefit from a dozen USPs,
why not try them all?

  • Portable

    Bring a kiosk when you go on location to a trade fair or exhibit. The kiosks come in whatever size and shape your brand book allows for. We are happy to produce it for you.

  • Easy Access

    Within the seconds customers get to your full product and service range, within a closed environment.

  • Extra Cash Register

    Orders can be placed and be paid without needing extra staff.

  • Location Linked Turnover

    Local partners realize their own local turnover and profits as the kiosk is linked to GPS.


    We create a high curiosity and WOW-factor with cool screensavers and attractive lay-outs.

  • Branded kiosks

    We love to create a branded casing for the column to boost the curiosity factor even more.


    Local partners realize their own local turnover and profits as the kiosk is linked to GPS.


    Customers close the deal on the spot with PIN, debit or credit card, in whatever currency. We are already working on integrating cash payments too…


    Monitor the use of your instore webshop remotely as well as control the content remotely.

  • Google Analytics

    Statistics and e-commerce data deliver direct insights on a dedicated dashboard.