If the challenge in this new digital day and age is to use all avenues seamlessly and in line with customer behaviour then first of all you should… Go where your customer goes!

In other words, you should be more contextual and ominpresent, rather than ‘omni channel’… You should literally go where your buyer goes and further fuse the digital with the physical by

  • 1. A webshop instore on shop, store or showroom floor and at e.g. trade fairs
  • 2. You should appear anytime and anywhere your buyer visits the web by utilizing all comparison and merchant sites you can think of.
General Online (GO!) Suggests the most appropriate and smart omnidigital approach is a more proactive two-way solution pack.
Creating 24/7 omnidigital presence on 500+ markets worldwide opening your business 24/7 in all time zones.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to see that a true omnichannel approach from begin to end, intertwining all processes, in all available channels, is almost mission impossible and/or highly expensive for most companies. Smarter is to become omnidigital with a few, affordable omnipresence solutions and the maintenance package of your choice by maximum extended webshop presence and maximum online channel presence in the most simple and cost-effective ways


Online Stores

By bringing you online instore with Webshop Instore: our ePOS kiosks for showroom floors, pop-up stores, trade fairs etc.; our portable and mobile instore digital kiosks with Fast&Easy Checkout


Multiple Points

By multiplying points of entry of your key webstore by 500+ times; making your assortment extra accessible via 500+ national and international comparison and merchant sites.


Reach More Users

By promoting your offers, runner up products, cash cows or triggers via single product websites and/or product category websites in as many languages as you want; with direct checkout links to your own webstore.


Up-to-date Apps

By servicing you with the most brilliant mobile apps for Lightspeed, PrestaShop, Magento a.o.; with full array of savvy features against low starting and monthly fees.

With General Online (GO!) you don't have to worry about integration and smooth implementation:

USPs, brand, product and sales and marketing insights features are numerous! Let’s start

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